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Ben is an award winning architecture student and former national team athlete in the sport of white water kayaking.


Ben believes the way we design and make buildings is transiting through a major point in history.  His masters degree explores how the flow of ideas from design to workmanship is being completely restructured by the digital revolution, and what opportunities in turn are emerging.  Through a full scale housing experiment, taking shape as a design-build research tiny house, Ben explored a prototypical alternative housing project aimed at testing the capability of building production utilizing a complete digital workflow.   This prototype serves to challenge how we design and build within a fully digital workflow in relation to affordability, sustainability, and desirability.  The construction of this project was captured by HGTV in an episode of "Tiny House Big Living."


Ben also spent 15 years competing for Canada internationally and has won over 40 national championship titles and several international medals.  He now lives in Vancouver working in the field of architecture and design and racing surfski kayaks.

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