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Design Sphere

2nd Year Drawing Competition (2012)

Every year the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism holds a school wide drawing competition in the first week of term.  This drawing won that competition in which the prompt was “To create new studio space for the 21st century.” 

Text from Drawing:

The Ultimate Creative Space

What if you could simply see what you wanted to see? What if the physical and digital realms were seamlessly merged together?  What if you could walk through your building before it is built? Design Sphere helps realize these dreams by immersing the designer in a digital world.

Inspiration Endless

Design Sphere utilizes projectors, mounted above the user and an emulation server mounted beneath its raised floor, to generate 3-D video renderings of structures under mechanical and thermal stress. The designer can prescribe both the physical laws of the Design Sphere domain and the material properties of all structures emulated within it. Designers transport themselves to  the farthest reaches of imagination. Sitting a-top a mountain, flying through an ancient city, or simply sitting at the building site of the design; simulated environments make inspiration reality.



Murray & Murray Prize - First place ($2000 Scholarship)

Physical to Digital

By using stereoscopic cameras, mounted beside the projectors, precision photonic sensors, and a high-performance emulation server, Design Sphere allows you to mold the space between your palms or perspective drawings from your portfolio into living structures subject to specified physical and chemical laws. Mold space. Once you finalize a design, you can generate precision drawings simply by selecting desired scanning planes within the sphere. You break the bonds of analog-to-digital interfaces like the mouse and keyboard and sculpt reality directly with traditional modeling and drafting tools. 


Audio distractions  can hinder creativity and productivity.  When you immerse yourself in the noise cancellingDesign Sphere, you can generate the audio environment most conducive to your design objectives.  Whether you choose to amplify audible representations of structural stress within your models or simply to bathe in Plato’s music of the spheres, inspiration and creativity will no longer drown in extraneous noise. Collaborative efforts can take place in larger Design Sphere meeting rooms and Design Sphere classrooms. 



Design Sphere projection systems allow the designer to walk inside his ideas.  Meanwhile, Design Sphere mechanical, thermal, and material emulation software systems allow the civil engineer to fully test a design before it is constructed.  Design Sphere must be experienced to be believed.  Test drive your imagination today.


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